Get a Grip on Your Deicer Products

Get a Grip on Your Deicer Products

Get only the best deicer this winter at Groenink's in Nunica, MI

Are you looking for a product that will help melt ice in a safe, fast, and effective way? Look no further than Groenink's long-lasting deicer products. Check out the benefits, directions, and descriptions of our products below than give us a call or stop in today!


  • Harmless to you: These deicer products do not contain ingredients that will cause skin irritation or harmful side effects
  • Safe to the outdoors: When used properly, these deicer products are safe to both the environment and wildlife
  • No residue: No white film or oily residue is left behind after using these products
  • Safe on concrete and wood: When used as directed, these products won't damage either air-entrained concrete or treated wood
  • Storage and handling: There are no special storage or handling instructions with any of these deicer products, and they include an unlimited shelf life


Walkway Wonder

  • Walkway Wonder is uniquely created with 90% screened sodium chloride, 5% magnesium chloride, and 5% calcium chloride
  • The distinct combination makes a cost effective mixture that works well in colder weather
  • This mixture also contains a light rate of blue dye to help indicate the spread pattern during application
  • Walkway Wonder comes in both 25lb and 50lb bags

Hi Performance Deicer

  • Hi Performance Deicer is a mixture of 5% potassium chloride crystals, 5% magnesium, and 2.5% calcium chloride.
  • This product contains a light rate of blue dye to help distinguish where the product has been placed

Master Melt

  • Master Melt is a mixture of 88% screened sodium chloride and 12% of magnesium
  • We include magnesium into the Master Melt mixture to make the rock salt become more effective at a lower temperature
  • This combination of ingredients is both fast and effective in any type of weather
  • Master Melt contains blue dye, so that you can identify where your product has been placed

Zero & Beyond

  • Zero & Beyond is designed with 40% potassium chloride crystals and 25% screened sodium chloride crystals
  • This mixture is effective down to -25*F with 10% magnesium and 35% calcium chloride
  • This product penetratesto break down the bond between ice and pavement. By resisting refreezing, this product postpones re-application
  • This combination of products gives ice melting coverate at low temperatures


Evenly spread 1/4 to 1/3 cup of deicer salt per square yard for driveways and walkways. Test out right calibration of your spreader for right application rate applied. You can test this by placing 1000 sq ft of deicer in your spreader and spread over premeasured 1000 sq ft (10 ft wide by 100ft long). For best results, first remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps, and walkways. Spread a generous amount in path of traction wheels to get out of slick parking areas.