Groenink's 4-Step Lawn Fertilizer Program

One 24LB Bag covers 6000 Sq Ft
One 50 Lb Bag covers 12,500 Sq Ft

Step 1: Apply April 1st - 30th

20-0-8 50% slow release, 50% Sulfated Potash, and 20% Organic by weight with 0.37 Prodiarnine for crabgrass control. After application, water into soil with the equivalent of 1/3 to 1/2 inch of rain.

Step 2: Apply May 10th - June 15th

25-0-8 35% slow release with .72 Trimec for broadleaf weed control. This should be applied when the grass is damp from rain or dew. Do not water or mow for 24 to 48 hours after application.

Step 3: Apply June 15th - August 1st

25-0-15 High nitrogen with 40% 45 DAY slow release and 10% 90 day slow release. 5% iron. Apply when grass is dry; water after application for best results.

Step 4: Apply August 30th - October 30th

18-O-28 35%o slow release nitrogen. 50% sulfated potash for easier plant uptake because it contains no salt. Watering may be necessary if conditions are dry.

Apply Lime to Help Sweeten the soil and green your lawn

If weather conditions are wet through the summer, or excessive watering has been done and the lawn needs greening, repeat step 3. Then, apply step 4 after September 15th, or in October after the leaves have been removed.

Application dates for the 4-step program are approximate. Weather conditions may extend or shorten the time frame.

Maintenance Tips:

1. Early morning is most effective time to water
2. Water your lawn when dry weather persists. Your lawn needs at least one inch of water per week in the growing season.
3. Keep mower blades sharp to reduce injury to your grass. Set your mower at 2 1/2", this will improve appearance.
4. Avoid removing more than the top 1/3 of the total grass height per cutting.

Our Bags Cover 12,500 sqft (4lbs/ 1,000 sqft)

Our Bags Cover 12,500 sqft (4lbs/ 1,000 sqft)